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Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá


  CO - Bogotá

The mayorship of Bogota is the public entity in charge of the administration of the capital city of Colombia. Bogota has 7,2 million of inhabitants and is the financial, political and economical center of Colombia.

  About Project

Bogota is the capital of Colombia. With a population of around 8 million people, it has become one of the best destinations in Latin America. It''s a complex city with a remarkable cultural and ethnical diversity. Those elements showed us the necessity of creating an official website that allowed the people to understand the city from different perspectives and promote the transparency and inclusion of everybody.

To begin with the creation of the site, we asked some citizens to collaborate with us to conceive the design using user-centered methodologies to understand the population''s needs. As a result, we built a website that offers segmented information related with the city, including events, services and the way the administration is managing the public budget. There is, also, a space that promotes the participation of the citizens in the construction of a better city.

During a year and a half, and with an interdisciplinary team, we worked with 72 institutions of Bogota to construct and collect open-data to display places, news, events, job vacancies, budget, public works and citizen reports. Right now, there''s a full-time team dedicated to make the site more friendly everyday.


Enrique Peñalosa

Raúl Buitrago

Paola Tovar

Maria Elena Romero

Sergio Martínez

Renata Cabrales

John Saavedra

Diego Morales

Marco Mayor

Gustavo Martínez

Héctor Mayor

Santiago Restrepo

Oscar Ardila

Astrid Herrera

Johann Garzón

Johanna Rodríguez

Carolina Holguín

Camilo Becerra

Franceneth Rubiano

José Acosta

Boris Ramírez

Paula Torres

Andrea Bernal

Silvia Maldonado

Lina González

Kevin Melo

Cindy Castiblanco

Andrés Noguera

Edgar Medina

Daniella Hernández

Mondicza León

Javier Cortés