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MarketMuse is a content intelligence platform that sets the standard for content quality. Our AI-powered software enables companies to create predictably better content at scale that increases traffic and engagement, improves productivity, and drives revenue.

  About Project

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The Content Strategy Collective Live event was established to extend the impact of the Slack community we created for content creators, marketers, SEOs, agencies and more. It’s a place to share ideas, ask questions, post content, look for work, etc.

The event brought together some of the brightest minds in content marketing to advance the Collective members in their strategic thinking around content (including Rand Fishkin, Andy Crestodina, Chris Savage, Eli Schwartz, Kevin Indig and more). The in-depth workshops aimed to put that strategy into practice tactically, with MarketMuse where applicable.

The speakers were very well-received, provided an engaging and welcoming environment, and left a lasting impression. It was a three-day virtual event through Hopin with 23 presentations (including 3 fireside chats) and 15 hands-on workshops.

We more than doubled our registration goal and saw a 52% show rate (which was well beyond what we expected). The content we have following the event will be used throughout the rest of the year and beyond to help our community grow and learn from others.