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Ruby Slipper Designs


  US - Ashland,  OR

​Ruby Slipper Designs is an Oregon-based marketing and branding agency all about people, purpose, and the greater good.

We enthusiastically serve non-profits and mission-driven businesses to deliver engaging and impactful experiences. Our agency specializes in website design and development, branding and graphic design, and a bevy of web marketing services.

  About Project

2022 platinum Site bug-01

This website embodies the vision and philosophy of Mick Dodge. The Old Strength Farm is a place to grow healthy soil, practice barefooting, strengthen the body, and connect through story.

Brainstorming this site with Mick and his partner Denise was an incredible journey. Mick is a brilliant visionary, brimming with poetry, song, philosophy, and jokes. Denise is an artist whose strength, connection to the earth, and business savvy shine through in every interaction. They have great respect for each other, and a clear vision of the mission for The Old Strength Farm.

Our web designer created a visually immersive layout with elemental hues — colors of rich farm soil, pine needles, forest canopy, and river water. She ghosted background photos loaded with natural elements — tree bark, river stones, and wildflowers. Her designs gave Mick the framework so his poetry and photography could unfold. Our graphic designer Ashley created the logo and Mick's Figure 8 map, both loaded with symbolism.

This is truly an original website. It tells Mick and Denise's unique story through poetry, artistry, and masterful photography.