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The City of Yellowknife has updated its popular municipal Pingstreet app with some major additions, making it a must-have resident two-way communications tool with the City.

Since its original launch and within the past two years, the City has added the ‘Click and Fix YK’ and ‘Find My Bus’ tiles to the mobile application.

These two functions enable residents to report broken parking meter, new potholes, overflowing garbage cans, downed street lights and more right from its very location. By taking a quick photo and sending it to the City through the app, a service request is created and sent to the proper department right away for speedy municipal service. Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlYkTRHyWDY

The ‘Find My Bus’ tile tracks your bus in real-time and on-the-go using GPS technologies – a very important feature in chilly Yellowknife winters! Residents no longer have to wait for much longer than they need to, or wonder if they missed their bus at all through this new function! Learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBB_XUfc1IY

These two new additions are complemented by the most recent update – a parking feature! This tile lets residents and visitors both register and pay for parking in a matter of minutes. Life is busy, and parking shouldn’t take longer than sliding in and out of that perfect spot!

Since the introduction of the app, the user base has grown from 400 after launch, to more than 900 currently, after the new features and additions have been added to make the application more valuable to residents.

These new features add to the already terrific suite of options available on the City of Yellowknife Pingstreet App, which can perform other such functions like: finding a cemetery plot, receive push notifications, manage your utilities and tax accounts, search for a business, view properties and tax assessments, check waste schedules, receive information on election voting procedures, and follow City social media postings.

Check out two more cool videos that detail the functions of the app and get engaged!



City of Yellowknife and eSolutionsGroup