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Casa Batlló SLU


  ES - Barcelona

Casa Batlló is a house-museum in Barcelona built by architect Antoni Gaudí inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005.
Since 2021, Casa Batlló offers an outstanding immersive experience that offers to visitors a time travel to a historical 1906-house with technological innovations as the first and only six LED-walls room in the world.

  About Project

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A storytelling as never-seen before in a museum:

The novelized script of Casa Batlló is an epic tale, a journey of inspiration narrated by several characters, including architect Antonio Gaudí and Casa Batlló itself, who come to life to reveal the secrets of the building. This outstanding work of literature by itself, is an invitation for explorers and the curious to discover why Casa Batlló is a World Heritage Site and a Gaudí masterpiece. Available in 15 languages, it immerses visitors in the architecture and design of the house, its history, universal values and contemporary interventions.

A relaxing time for an unforgettable museum experience:

Through a relaxing and inspirational storytelling, this script proposes to find a space of calm. Through the history of Casa Batlló as a living being, people will find some peace in a world goes that sometimes goes so fast. With the new immersive tour and storytelling we have taken the life of the house further. The script, which was converted in an audio guide narration for the museum visitors, has a third voice that opens up the house to reveal secrets of Casa Batlló and the most intimate secrets of Gaudí. During the visit of the museum, the script makes the building come to life thanks to different audiovisual productions that surprise the visitor on his tour. This include from "magic paintings" that keep memories on its walls and make us travel back in time, to special installations that immerse us in a magical world and show us, for example, former inhabitants of the house.

This life expands thanks to an experience aimed at the 5 senses that begins and ends in 2 immersive rooms unique in the whole world. The first one immerses us in Gaudí's original inspiration to involve the visitor in the creative experience. The second, located at the end of the tour, immerses us in Gaudí's mind to see reality through his eyes and highlights his legacy.

The phases of the project:

To reach this result we have had some previous phases and readjust the script in order to generate a story that connects with the public and can be versatile. The first phase involved mainly the contents on restoration and research of the house's architecture. The second phase was focused on adapting the contents to a new tour by adding storytelling instructions that helps in the understanding of the itinerary of the museum's visit. Finally, the opinion of the users and the internal team was taken in consideration to give the final adjustments to the script.

In conclusion, the script of the new visit of Casa Batlló is a remarkable innovation as a literature production because it becomes a multi-sensory experience thanks to the enhancement of the literary journey thanks to the immersive museum experience of Casa Batlló.


Casa Batlló: Alfredo Ruíz, Albert Burrull, Ana Acosta , Anahy Gutierrez
Music: Dani Howard