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Casa Batlló SLU


  ES - Barcelona

Casa Batlló is a house-museum in Barcelona built by architect Antoni Gaudí inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005.
Since 2021, Casa Batlló offers an outstanding immersive experience that offers to visitors a time travel to a historical 1906-house with technological innovations as the first and only six LED-walls room in the world.

  About Project

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"Living Architecture: Casa Batlló" is a digital artwork by the artist Refik Anadol which, inspired by the façade of Casa Batlló and the rest of Antonio Gaudí's works, shows the different creative capacities of the combination of digital images, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and allows us to explore new ways of bringing digital art closer to the general public.

This democratizing proposal of this emerging art, is placed in a unique and unrepeatable temporal context: the façade of 1906-building and UNESCO World Heritage site Casa Batlló.
The video mapping "Living Architecture: Casa Batlló", performed on May 7th 2022, was a gift of Casa Batlló for the citizens of Barcelona, a way to bring this work of Gaudí closer to the local citizens.

Last but not least, the mapping "Living Architecture: Casa Batlló" is part of the commemorations that Casa Batlló, as a World Heritage Site, is doing to mark the 50th birthday of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, launching an optimistic and hopeful message for the future of world heritage.


Refik Anadol Studio
Casa Batlló